Ohio Recorders Association


Ohio Recorders Association



Marion County Recorder

222 W Center St
Marion, OH 43302

Phone: 740-223-4100

Email: kdouglas@co.marion.oh.us

Office hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Website: Document Search for Indexes only


*ATTENTION: Conveyances by mail are not accepted unless they have the Engineer’s and Auditor’s stamps.

Marion County now uses a document label. Past recordings from 2003 to Aug 8, 2012 had a recording (cover) page and that page number is the first page of the document. The recording page should remain attached to the document and should be used for any requests for a notation to that document.


1. What is your mailing address?

222 W. Center St
Marion, Ohio 43302

2. What is your delivery address?

222 W. Center St
Lower Level West
Marion, Ohio 43302

3. Does your county have tract (geographical) indexing?


4. Does your county require a legal description with releases and assignments?

Only on a partial release

5. Does your county require $4.00 for marginal notations on releases and assignments?

Yes. Please use Book and 1st page for the notation. The first page of documents from 2003 to Aug. 8, 2012 was a Recording Cover page.

6. What do you charge for copies made by the public?

.10 cents per page

7. What do you charge for copies made by the Recorder's Staff?

$2.00 per page

8. Does your county offer on-line access? If so, is there a cost involved?

Go to www.co.marion.oh.us/recorder. Click on records search. There is no charge. Indexes start in 1983 and Images begin in August 1993.

9. What is your County Auditor's conveyance fee?

$2.00 per thousand

10. What is your County Auditor's transfer fee?

50 cents per line

11. Does your county require a SASE or postage?


12. Does your county have Registered Land (Torrens)?

Registered Land was De-Torrenized as of July 1, 1994.

13. Does your county supply blank forms for purchase?


14. What is your county's document turn-around time?

5 business days

15. Does your office record Soldiers Discharge Records (DD214)?

Yes. These documents are no longer public record. Ohio law places restrictions on who may access these records or obtain copies of them.

16. What is your policy for handling documents that are over or under in filing fees?

Please call if you have questions about the fees. Overages are recorded, $8.00 or less cash is returned. If an 800 number is provided we will attempt to call, if not then documents are returned unrecorded.